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You've Got Questions

We've Got Answers 

Where is Daylight Creative Space?

  • Our address is 2250 NW 22nd Ave Suite 513, Portland, OR 97210 

  • We’re located in the NW Industrial District in Portland, Oregon. Daylight Creative Space is on the fifth floor of The New York Building, overlooking the Fremont Bridge, the west hills, and downtown.


How big is the studio? 

  • 1170 square feet 


Is it easy to load in and out of the studio? 

  • Yes! The building has a freight elevator. Additionally, we have a sliding barn door that opens wide for easy loading in and out. 

What gear will be included in my rental? 

The following equipment is available for use: 

  • (2) C stands and sandbags

  • (2) V Flats (white/silver)

  • (2) Free-standing backdrop stands

  • 9’ Paper rolls (these need to be requested ahead of time): Black, White, Thunder Grey, Canary Yellow

  • 4’ Paper rolls (these need to be requested ahead of time): Pink, Pumpkin, Thunder Grey, and Light Grey

  • Pony clamps

  • 2 Extension Cords

  • Stepstool

  • Handheld steamer

  • Garment Rack 


For a better look into our studio offerings, check out our Instagram.


Are your furnishings included in the rental rate? 


  • Yes, and you will love them! We have a large variety of props and plants great for creating an environmental look in the studio. 

  • Our studio rentals include but is not limited to: three sofas (2 loveseats and a minimalist modern grey 83” full size sofa), a large white 6-10 person table with chairs, plants, luxury leather slingback chair,  a few lamps and rugs plus several one of a kind chairs and stools. You’ll also have access to a variety of hand-painted 4x8 color backdrops

  • We have a bit of additional furniture that can be made available upon request: kids chairs, bean bag, fabrics and blankets, large black conference table seating 6 -10 


Do you have plants in the studio? 


  • Ummm… that’s a big yes, we have them in spades. Our flora and fauna include: 3 large fiddle leaf figs, 1 montera, 1 large dried olive tree, pampas grass, 1 snake plant and drop down dried floral installation. 


Where do I park? 

  • There is free street parking around the building as well as several spaces marked “visitor” in the main parking lot that you are welcome to park in if available. 

  • Additionally, we have one designated parking spot located under the cover close to the mailboxes. The space is marked “Daylight Creative.”


Which direction do the windows face?

  • Our large walls of windows face East and South and let great light into the studio all year round from early morning until sunset. 

  • Our 10ft bay of windows faces East 

  • Our 23ft bay of windows faces South 


What is the best time to shoot in your studio? 

  • The answer is up to you! Whether you prefer softer morning light for your session or the vibrant golden glow of the sunset, the light is always great. We also have 2 white/silver V-flats available which work great to bounce and balance the light for the perfect shot - regardless of the weather or time of day! 


Do you offer lighting? 

  • Yes, we have some lighting equipment that may be added to your rental for $125 (We wouldn’t recommend our lighting for action or high speed shots but it's a great add on for someone looking to get started with lighting) 


What’s in the light kit? 

  • 3 alienbees 

  • 3 c stand 

  • 2 strip lights 

  • lantern softbox 

  • beauty dish 

  • Octobox 

  • LED Ring Light 

  • 4 pocket wizards and sync cables 


Are there any Covid-19 restrictions or requirements?

  • As many Covid restrictions and precautions are still in place in the state of Oregon, and in Portland specifically, we are committed to adhering to the current guidelines so that you can have the safest and cleanest studio experience! 

  • The studio space is regularly cleaned. You’ll have access to hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies upon entry as well. 

  • Daylight Creative Space has a dedicated HVAC unit that doesn’t circulate air with the rest of the building.

  • The building lobby is equipped with hand sanitizer and social distancing reminders. Face masks are required in all common areas of the building (hallways, restrooms, elevator). 

  • Face coverings are not required in Daylight Creative Space, but we do recommend their use for groups larger than 6!


For larger events or commercial shoots, we also suggest asking your guests to sign a form or waiver agreeing to any rules or Covid-19 guidelines you may wish to set during the event or shoot (i.e. vaccine requirement, face coverings, social distancing, etc.) 


Daylight Creative Space is not liable for any illness, injury, or possible Covid-19 transmission due to any commercial event or photo session.

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